ACHI's impact in the community from 2006 to 2011, grew from serving 5 to greater than 1000 people per month. See the Annual Report

ACHI developed cooperative agreements with area health services providers including, Whittier Street Health Center, Cambridge Health Alliance, Brockton Neighborhood Health Center, Boston Medical Center, MGH-Chelsea and Dotwell.

ACHI developed partnerships with the Irish Immigration Center and the Catholic Charities of Boston to facilitate the Training of Staff and Volunteers, who will provide interpretation and language assistance and immigration services.

ACHI developed a Community Health Care Referral Model program through which people of African descent who contact ACHI are referred to area health services.

ACHI developed the African Community Health Watch in collaboration with the Global African Independent Network.

ACHI was awarded a Blue Cross Blue Shield Catalyst grant in 2006.

ACHI was awarded a Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts Foundation Discretionary grant in 2006 for its Early Intervention/Community Health Care Referral Program.

ACHI was awarded a Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts Foundation Connect to Care grant in 2006.

ACHI was awarded the MassHealth and Commonwealth Care Outreach and Marketing Grant in 2006.

ACHI staff and several board members were trained on the Commonwealth Care Health Insurance Program and the changes occurring in MassHealth programs and services.

ACHI’s staff and several Board Members were trained on the use of the Virtual Gateway for screening clients and helping clients apply for creditable coverage under the State’s new health Insurance programs and expanded MassHealth. This has facilitated our ability to obtain coverage for the clients we refer for medical services and thus increase access to these services.

ACHI conducted a Health Fair which focused on cholesterol, high blood pressure, anemia and diabetes screening and education in collaboration with the Wellness Center at St. Anthony’s Shrine.

ACHI continues to conduct Health Fairs which focus on high blood pressure, anemia, cholesterol, diabetes, hearing, vision and dental care, in collaboration with the Irish Immigration Center, Cathedral Cares and the Catholic Charities of Boston. The Fairs also provide seasonal flu shots to participants.

ACHI provided Cultural Competence Training to service providers.

ACHI co-sponsored the United Nations Day Ceremony at the Massachusetts’ State House in 2005 and 2006.

Organized a World AIDS Day event and Health Fair in collaboration with the Boston Medical Center and other organizations in December 2006

ACHI performs outreach and enrollment activities at Community events, Churches and Mosques. Many African immigrants receive help in applying for creditable coverage under the State’s new health Insurance programs, including Commonwealth Care and the expanded MassHealth.