In recognition of its dedication and hard work, ACHI was awarded:

1. A Commonwealth of Massachusetts’ Governor’s Citation
2. An Official Citation from the Massachusetts State Senate
3. A Certificate of Appreciation from Health Care For All and Dr. JudyAnn Bigby, Secretary of the Executive Office of Health and Human Services


According to World Health Organization reports, nearly half of
deaths due to infectious diseases globally, occur in the Sub-Saharan Africa. Particularly, of all the people infected globally by various diseases, 89% of those infected by malaria, 77% of HIV/AIDS patients and 31% of Tuberculosis patients, in Sub-Saharan Africa die of these diseases.

There is a large population of Sub-Saharan Africans domiciled here in Massachusetts. The African Community Health Initiatives (ACHI) has stepped up to help, not only to provide appropriate education, but has increasingly become a conduit through which people of African descent are sought after, screened for health insurance, health/social service needs, and assisted with application/referral to appropriate health/social service providers.

ACHI also assists in the enrollment of clients in the Massachusetts state health insurance plans, namely, MassHealth and Commonwealth Care.

We are pleased to note that ACHI’s resources are channeled towards HIV/AIDS, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and other tropical diseases’ education, in an effort to combat these diseases among some of the so-called “at risk groups” of African immigrants in Massachusetts.

ACHI has developed co-operative linkages with health care providers and the various African community groups in Massachusetts. This approach enables us to reach out to the “silent partners” with health issues, and facilitate access to health and health related services.


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What is ACHI?

ACHI is a 501 c 3 organization (non-profit) that was founded in 2000 to improve the health of the African community in Massachusetts.


Our vision is to build a healthy Sub-Saharan Community with access to all Health and Social services.

Mission Statement

The African Community Health Initiative’s mission is to support and improve the health* of Sub-Saharan Africans living in Massachusetts by promoting access to quality, culturally competent health and social services through education, research and community partnerships.


The goals of ACHI are to:
1. Improve access to and utilization of health and health-related services for people from Sub-Saharan Africa.
2. Work with healthcare and social service providers to promote and improve cultural competence.
3. Promote research by ACHI and other research organizations aimed at identifying the health issues affecting the Sub-Saharan African community.
4. Identify and mobilize resources to achieve the goals of ACHI.

Board of Directors:

Anne Medinus, PhD Chairperson,
Wilner Borgella, Esq. Treasurer
Fatuma Ndagire, MA Secretary
Abiodun Sobowale, MA
Salamatu Mambula,PhD
Getachew Habteh-Yimer, MA
Teye Adusu, DVM
Tony Amoah, MA,


ACHI is sponsored by The Commonwealth of Massachusetts Department of Public Health

Words from our Sponsor

"The Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts Foundation is proud to have been one of the first organizations to support African Community Health Initiatives. In just a few short years, their efforts have had a large impact on how African immigrants in Massachusetts access health care. They have also helped many local hospitals and health centers better respond to the needs of this important community."

Phillip O. González, Director of Grantmaking for the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts Foundation

Who Qualifies for ACHI’s Help?

Any person of African origin who lives in Massachusetts


A member is anyone who is interested in promoting ACHI’s mission and registers and participates in scheduled ACHI meetings, events and activities.

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