Community Partnership

Identify providers and facilities serving people from Africa and establish relationships with them to facilitate referral of African immigrants for services.

Collaborate with health services’ providers to provide education and screening for health problems, including, Cholesterol, Anemia, Diabetes, High blood pressure, Vision problems, Dental problems, Hearing problems and also Immunization Services through Health Fairs. Also, provide HIV/AIDS education and prevention services in collaboration with other organizations.

Collaborate with other service organizations to provide immigration advice and education.


Assist people in enrolling in the MassHealth & Commonwealth Care programs.

Get involved in activities and events organized by groups and providers working with the African community, both as a way of evaluating their suitability to be part of the referral network, and as a way of facilitating greater contact between ACHI members and the community ACHI serves.

Reach out to African immigrants, including those with Limited English Proficiency (LEP), determine their health and social services’ needs, break down the various barriers to enable them receive the services they need, and refer them to the appropriate health and social service centers near their homes for needed services.

Participate in African community activities and events to provide health education and screening services that are driven by epidemiological and other data, and are also respectful of the needs of the African community in Massachusetts.


Work with providers and institutions that serve people from Africa, to promote and improve cultural competence.

Develop and implement innovative and culturally appropriate ways to encourage people from Africa to access and utilize health services in a timely manner.


Research health issues facing people from Africa in Massachusetts. And conduct needs assessments on an on-going basis. Also conduct research on diseases plaguing Africans.

Collaborate with other research organizations and promote the use of health data in appropriate ways, with a view of improving the health of the African community in Massachusetts.